Young Sam
115 Young Sam Adama
Name Young Sam
Actor Alexander Kambolis
Other Actor Sasha Roiz (Adult)
Debut "Dirteaters"
Origin Tauron
Profession Farmer's Son
Status Living
Family William Adama Sr., father
Isabelle Adama, mother
Young Joseph, brother

When Sam Adama was young, he lived on Tauron with his parents, William and Isabelle Adama, and his brother, Joseph. During a confrontation with the Heraclides police, his parents are killed as well as two soldiers. He and Joseph are orphaned. In their secret hiding place, they pledge their loyalty to each other above all else.

115 Adama Family Tauron

Sam and Joseph with their parents, Isabelle and William, at home on Tauron

As Sam and Joseph are about to be promoted in the Ha'la'tha, the Guatrau tells the story of how they met. The Adama brothers had immigrated to Caprica as orphans. Sam tried to pick the Guatrau's pocket. Right then, the Guatrau knew that Sam had the stones to be one of them. Sam and Joseph are like sons to him. ("Dirteaters")

Cultural ReferencesEdit


See also Tauron Civil War.

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