102 Zoe
Name Zoe
Actor Alessandra Torresani
Debut "Pilot"
Origin Caprica
Profession Cylon
Status Living
Zoe is the fusion of the memories of Zoe Graystone and a U-87 Cylon body.


Season OneEdit

The Avatar of Zoe was created when Daniel Graystone downloaded the human Zoe's twin (an avatar) into a meta-cognitive processor stolen from the Vergis Corporation of Tauron and inserted the MCP into the robot chassis. The experiment appeared to fail and Daniel went on to use the Cylon in his capabilities demonstration to Secretary of Defense Joan Leyte. However, the download had succeeded and the new Zoe had the memories of by the twin and of the capabilities demonstration. Zoe accessed a telephone circuit and called Zoe Graystone's friend Lacy Rand asking for help. ("Pilot")

Cyrus Xander notified Daniel Graystone that the U-87 was the only working model of a Cylon that Graystone Industries had been able to produce. Daniel realized that the unit in question was the one in which he had inserted the MCP on which he had stored his daughter's twin. He directed that the unit be delivered to his home lab where he could work on it over the weekend. Philo and Drew prepared the unit for shipment. Drew was annoyed that Philo was taking too long and roughly secured Zoe onto a shipping mount which was inserted into a packing case. During the trip to the Graystone residence, Zoe managed to partially free herself. When the lab workers opened the van, Zoe threw the packing case out of the van almost hitting the two men. Philo managed to quiet Zoe longer enough to remove the MCP. When Philo and Drew had moved Zoe into Daniel's lab and reactivated her, she chopped off the tip of Drew's finger.

When alone, she was able to write a program to wirelessly interface with an active holoband to enter V-World. She informs Lacy and both are delighted that they now have a visual means of communication. She escapes the room Daniel created and takes Tamara Adama with her to the V-Club. She tried to help Tamara but Tamara said she could find her own way home. She went to her home and informed Lacy that she needed to find Keon Gatwick, Ben's best friend. She wanted Lacy to go with Zoe's plan to get them to Gemenon.

In Gravedancing, she enters V-world for about a second before de-rezzing because Philo was performing diagnostics on the U-87 robot. While running a diagnostic, he selected music and Zoe danced with him.

In Know Thy Enemy, Zoe watches as Clarice Willow attaches a swap drive to her dad's computer, looking for her. Noticing that Philo desires to have a girlfriend, she sends him a message using V-Match calling herself Rachel and develops into a relationship.

In The Imperfections Of Memory, she meeets with Lacy in the VIP room of the V-Club to tell her what she saw Clarice do. She suspects that Lacy is having trouble getting them to Gemenon and reminds her of the timetable. Later, she goes flying in a Viper with Philo but, unable to handle manually piloting the craft, crashes it into a lake and ejects. She tells Philo about her idea to "extend life" in V-world but V-world is still to "fakey-fakey". She proposes using algorithms (rejuvenative process (genetic algorithms)) that biological systems use to create "an infinite variety of tree-like tress". Philo tells her that he works with top secret robots, she says "thats really hot" and the two start kissing. Zoe breaks up the kissing to tell him that a robot who was programmed with a rejuvenative model could benefit from modulary input. She tries to call his attention to her plan by saying, "You know let out. Explore. Get it out of the lab." Zoe gave herself away to Philo because he figures out that since it's analog, it would be uncopyable (the problem with the MCP). He thanks Zoe by kissing her repeatedly until Daniel Graystone snaps him into reality. Philo tells Daniel his theory about the analog data but is dismissed and goes home. Daniel ponders this and seeing Caesar barking at the U-87, concludes that it is Zoe.

In Ghosts In The Machine, Daniel at first encourages Zoe to reveal herself to him, promising to take her out of the U-87 body and into a more human body; Zoe continually remains silent. Later, Daniel instructs Zoe (as the U-87 as she only responds as a robot) to disassemble and reassemble a gun while he talks about the house that burned down (mentioned by Amanda in Know Thy Enemy). He lights a cigarette and lets the match continue to burn, playing on Zoe's fear of fire. As Daniel is burned, the U-87 grips the gun tighter. Zoe contacts Lacy in the VIP room, trying to make sense of what Daniel is doing. Zoe realizes he is trying to get her to react as a human and not as a robot; psychological warfare. On Daniel's next "test", he constructs a blazing pyre around her once again playing on her fear of fire. When he iginites it using a cigeratte, Zoe difidently remains where she is. Aside from a twich in one of the hands, she gives Daniel no indiction that is there.


Cultural ReferencesEdit

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